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About us

We are a design office from Cracow and we work stationary in Poland. However, the distance is not a problem for us! If your premises is located in another part of Poland or abroad - we will do the project online for you.


We design both residential and commercial premises, taking into account the necessary formalities. We also design common parts of residential and public buildings. We also create marketing materials for investments such as apartment cards, 3d views, brochures and visualizations. Regardless of whether you are just planning to buy an apartment, building or renovating a house, looking for a place for your business - we will help you plan your interior in an aesthetic and functional way and smoothly go through the finishing process.


Interior design is our passion. We are aware of the importance of the end result for our clients, taking into account their significant financial contribution. Therefore, for us, a good interior design means not only creating a beautiful visualization, but above all, reliable work on every detail, selecting the appropriate and optimal technical solutions. Valuable project means for us creating comprehensive documentation and a complete purchase list, thanks to which contractors will be able to perform their task efficiently and without any problems. It is important for us that you do not associate construction or renovation with something stressful and consuming all your energy. We want the process of creating the interior to be pleasant and satisfactory for you, both at the design stage, as well as at the construction stage and subsequent everyday use of the newly created space.



Let's create your dream interior together!

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M.Arch Aleksandra Cwikla

A graduate of the Faculty of Architecture of the Cracow University of Technology. From 2015, she worked in architecture offices, designing service buildings, public utility buildings and multi-family residential buildings. She coordinated projects of residential buildings for leading developers in all design phases - from concept and site analysis to building site supervision. Occasionally she also worked on the renovation of historic buildings. Since 2017, he has been designing both residential and commercial interiors. On a daily basis, Adam's mother, a lover of books and skiing.

M.Arch Magdalena Barwinek

A graduate of the Faculty of Architecture of the Cracow University of Technology. From 2016, she worked on multi-family and single-family housing projects, participating in all phases of the investment process - from the concept to the completion of construction. She was a coordinator of several construction and working projects of housing estates, and also actively participated in the construction process, performing author's supervision. She also worked on renovation and extension projects for historic buildings. She has been working in the area of ​​interior design since 2017.

In her free time, she travels, hikes and runs.

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+48 794  532 018 Ola


+48 667 365 333 Magda

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