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For real estate development

We have 6 years of experience in designing residential estates. While working with various real estate developers, we had the opportunity to observe the needs of both investors and clients looking for their dream premises. If you are planning an investment and need one of the services below, please, contact us !


Floor plans for sales purposes

Floor plans are a showcase of your investment. They create the customer's first idea of ​​their dream premises and are the basis for their purchase decision. Therefore, it is important that the plans show all functional possibilities of the premises, and that they are legible and eye-friendly.

  • Basic plan 

       (includes the arrangement of rooms and a list

       of room areas)

  • Plan with technical data 

       (includes the arrangement of rooms, a list of

       room areas and the technical information (electrical

       and sanitary points, dimensions etc.)

  • Plan with color graphics  (contains a graphically prepared,

       realistic top view and a list of room areas)

If an investment has its own visual identification - we will adapt the graphic design of the cards to it. The level of detail of the information contained in the drawings is agreed with the client individually.

3d apartment views and virtual tours

To help your clients imagine the arrangement possibilities of premises you offer, we will prepare:

  • 3d apartment views,  

  • 360˚ panoramic views

  • virtual walks around the apartments, showing the exemplary equipment

See the virtual tour

widok 3d pomn_edited_edited.jpg
Kopia 2.png

Visualizations and arrangements

We prepare exemplary visualizations of the interior in the style you prefer.

External visualizations for your investment

If you need an external visualization of your investment with the surroundings - we will make it for you.

Projektant porównujący próbki

Marketing materials

Do you need a logo for your investment? Brochures, marketing materials? We'll take care of everything . 


+48 794  532 018 Ola
+48 667 365 333 Magda

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